Expansion and Renovation Project

Phase 1

We are well into the Phase 1 construction project!  The construction crew from Rannekliev Brothers, Inc. is making swift progress as you can see from the images below:



The project got underway in December.  First, the old ramp needed to be demolished.



The excavation began shortly after that.


Next came footings and a concrete foundation!

Not long after that, we had walls!


Concrete slabs were added for the ceiling and as the base for the ramp and outdoor plaza deck.

Stay tuned for more progress as the weeks go by!  To view more videos, visit our YouTube channel!

Phase 2

On November 7th, the community passed the proposition to move ahead with Phase 2 of the Library Board’s plan to double the size of the library. This expansion will include a community room to accommodate up to 50 people, private study rooms, and an ADA compliant elevator and restrooms – all while respecting and retaining the historic façade of the building and the main Reading Room.

The next step for this phase is for construction documents to be drawn up by the library’s architects.  Over the coming months, we will be providing more information as it becomes available.

What will the library look like when the project is completed?

The library will be double the size of the existing building.  The interior will be renovated, and have updated electrical and HVAC systems; however, we will respect and retain the historic aspect of the library’s facade and the David D. Bruen Reading Room on the upper level.  Click here to view the suggested floor plan for the upper level, and here for the lowel level.

How can I find out more?

If you have any questions, you may contact Library Director, Gina Loprinzo by phone at (845) 279-6421 or email at director@brewsterlibrary.org.